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Food transcends culture and religion and connects people and the world around us. We celebrate and share some of the best times of our lives eating together.  At Kye’s we choose to be inclusive and celebrate diversity.  Everyone has different needs, we are here to simply provide something exciting, delicious, responsibly sourced, and nutritious for everyone to enjoy!

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Our Ingredients

The jury is in and farming practices in our country have to change for our health and the well being of our planet.  Obesity, diabetes, and heart disease are on the rise.  There is a food sensitivity epidemic going on and our children are suffering.  Our soil is depleted; processed foods, refined sugars, antibiotics, and pesticides are affecting our gut health; and our bodies are not recognizing GMO foods as food.  Some believe the quality of our food is the root cause of most chronic illnesses and autoimmune diseases.  Changing our farming practices will not only improve the quality of our food, but is known to be the best, easiest, and cheapest way to combat climate change by pulling carbon out of the atmosphere and into the soil.  

Eating more clean whole foods and favoring a more plant based diet is good for our health and our planet.  We're here to make this EASY and DELICIOUS!  We list every ingredient we use in our food for your reference here.

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We care deeply about being responsible and sustainable and making the best choices in navigating the evolving service ware options and staying current on all the exciting new materials being developed.  We appreciate your patience as some definitely function better than others.  : ) 

We do use cellophane to wrap our KyeRitos.  There isn't a biodegradable material that is impermeable to moisture developed yet, so we use a thinner 1.0 mil made in the USA polypropylene which doesn't leach below 300 degrees.  We are constantly testing for a food safe biodegradable material that will work and as soon as we find one, we will jump for joy and switch.  

In the meantime, we are happy to be using considerably less packaging than most food items on the market without the need for utensils, so it's a small step forwards, and we hope to find a suitable solution soon.  If you have any suggestions, please let us know!  

We are always looking to improve and do more, as we learn and understand more.  Many products labeled compostable or biodegradable are misleading and may contain harmful chemicals, as well as produce more toxic pollution in their production.  We are constantly evaluating and making the best choices we can.

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